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Sony INZONE H9 Wireless noise cancelling gaming headset

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Sony Center, Brivibas street 40

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Sony Center, Kalnciema street 137A

Collect today from 10:00 AM

Delivery with DPD, Venipak

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  • Bluetooth connection
  • Made for PC and PS5
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Built-in microphone
  • Gaming headset
  • Neodymium Magnets

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Man wearing INZONE H9 headset in a game scene showing buildings and hidden targets highlighted in orange

Take action first with precise target detection

Hear them before they see you. With 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming and our proven hardware technology, you can detect where your opponents are and how far away. Even players hiding in shadow, or behind walls and obstacles, can’t stay hidden for long. 


Close-up of greyed out diaphragm

Every gaming sound, authentically reproduced

Developed from our expertise in music headphones, the diaphragm of the INZONE H9 has a unique shape that allows it to reproduce extremely high frequency sounds with high compliance, as well as authentic low frequencies, for an immersive gaming experience.


Close-up of ducts on the headset housing

Powerful bass frequencies 

Ducts on the housing of the INZONE H9 control and optimise low frequency sound reproduction for powerful bass that makes deep sounds like explosions and engines seem incredibly real. Hear the drama and intensity of your gaming world all around you.


Shot of top half of INZONE H9 showing wide, soft headband

Cushions your head perfectly

The wide, soft headband cushion spreads weight evenly across your head for long-term wearing comfort.



Close-up of leather ear pads

Fits snugly around your ears

Soft-fit leather ear pads are shaped to minimise pressure on your ears by optimising contact with the side of your head. This highly stretchable earpad material is designed for comfort, stability and sound insulation.


Man wearing INZONE H9 headset playing games on a monitor with backdrop of game scene showing city buildings

Just the game, no other sounds

From heaters and PC fans to construction work, INZONE H9 with multiple microphone noise cancelling keeps out the sounds that disturb your performance. We’ve incorporated the same Dual Noise Sensor Technology used in our class-leading 1000X series headphones for invincible gaming.


Man wearing INZONE H9 headset sitting at a desk with monitor and game on screen, talking to partner in foreground right

Be immersed, be aware 

Never miss important ambient sounds such as a phone call, doorbell or your partner speaking, while playing games. Ambient Sound Mode, as used on our music headphones, allows you to instantly switch between noise cancelling and ambient sound by pressing a button on the headset. 


Close-up of INZONE H9 showing ear cups and boom microphone extended to left

Boom microphone, voice-focused

The high quality boom microphone, shaped so it can be brought closer to your mouth, ensures you’ll always be heard clearly. Because the microphone is bidirectional, your voice is picked up cleanly even during the most frenetic moments of a game.


Front shot of INZONE H9 showing boom microphone folded down

Fold down to talk

When you want to use the microphone, fold it down and adjust it so it’s close to your mouth. Highly flexible, it can be angled into any position.


Front shot of INZONE H9 showing boom microphone flipped up

Flip up to mute and store

At the end of your gaming session, the microphone can be muted and stored away in one easy operation simply by flipping it up. 


Logo of Discord Certified

Discord Certified

Rest assured your headset works well on the Discord voice, video and text communication service for seamless voice chat with friends while playing games online.


Diagram showing 2.4GHz wireless connection between USB transceiver on left and INZONE headset on right

Low delay with 2.4GHz wireless connection

During a 2.4GHz wireless connection using the supplied USB transceiver, a low delay algorithm reduces the latency from the game sound source to the sound output of the headset so you can respond fast.


Diagram showing simultaneous 2.4GHz wireless connection between INZONE headset on left and PC on right, and Bluetooth connection between INZONE headset on left and smartphone on right

Simultaneous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth® connection 

Connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth® while connected to 2.4GHz wireless. You can enjoy smartphone calls and voice chats over Bluetooth while playing games using the USB wireless connection.


Diagram showing battery icon with 32hr symbol on left, and battery charging and play symbols showing 1omin quick charge for 60min play on right

10 minute quick charge

Need power in a hurry? A 10 minute quick charge gives you up to an hour of emergency game time.



Man wearing INZONE H9 headset playing games on a monitor with game screen shot showing nighttime city scene

Play while charging

Running out of power? Charge your headset with the supplied long USB cable and carry on playing.



Left earcup showing location of volume dial, Noise Cancelling / Ambient Sound Mode button, mic mute, boom microphone and USB port

Left side controls

On the left earcup are the main operation controls including the volume dial, Noise Cancelling / Ambient Sound Mode button and mic mute. You also have the boom microphone and USB port with charging LED.


Right earcup showing location of game / chat balance button, power and Bluetooth buttons

Right side controls

On the right earcup is the game / chat balance button, as well as power and Bluetooth buttons.



Screenshot of sound settings in the INZONE Hub PC software

Personalise your gameplay

Our INZONE Hub PC software allows you to personalise your INZONE H9 experience by customising a wide range of operations, including a variety of sound and hardware settings. Fine tune sound frequencies to your game for more clarity and immersion using the EQ function.


“Screenshot of game settings in the PS5™ Control Center showing volume level and controller status

On-screen settings

Adjust settings on your headset and see the settings reflected on screen in the PS5™ Control Center.



Right earcup showing location of game / chat balance button

Game / Chat balance

Change the volume balance between game sounds and voice chat from your INZONE H9.



Three plates containing a selection of sustainable materials

Sustainability in mind

Our products are not only designed to be stylish but also with the environment in mind. The packaging material of the INZONE H9 is plastic-free and uses only recycled materials and non-woven cellulose, reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products and practices.


Group shot showing headset, USB transceiver and charging cable

What’s in the box

Open up the packaging of your INZONE H9 headset and you’ll find a USB-C charging cable (1.5m) and a USB transceiver included.


INZONE monitor on stand with INZONE headset in foreground to the right on a gradient purple background

Sharpen your senses with INZONE gaming monitors

Our INZONE monitors elevate your gaming experience and help you perform to the very best of your ability.

What's in the box

USB cable
USB transceiver
Reference guide
Warranty card


General properties
Headphones type
Connection type
Bluetooth connection
Audio properties
Active noise canceling
Yes (High quality noise cancelling)
Noise canceling features
Ambient Sound mode
On/Off Switch
Driver unit
Neodym magnet
Frequency response
Power and energy saving
Battery life (max.)
Up to 32h
Built in battery
Wireless connections
Yes (Bluetooth v. 5.0)
Bluetooth effective range
Audio recording
Built-in microphone
Size and weight
330 grams
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